///URTSI Universal Automation Interface

URTSI Universal Automation Interface

The URTSI allows 3rd party automation systems to control RTS motors by converting IR, RS232, and RS485 protocols into RTS commands. For best communication between the URTSI and RTS motors, we recommend placing the URTSI in an open area.


  • 16 Channels to operate 16 shades or 16 groups of shades.
  • LED to indicate power and radio signal.
  • Up / Stop / Down / Program buttons for easy setup and use.
  • Rotary dial to easily switch between channels.

Integration Features

  • Communicates with RS232, RS485 and IR
  • 16 channels of RTS control per URTSI
  • Connect up to 16 URTSI’s together with power supply for up to 256 channels (via RS485)


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