///SDN 0-10V Interface

SDN 0-10V Interface

The SDN 0-10V Interface is a home and building integration device uses light dimming controls to “dim” the shades with precision accuracy. The SDN 0-10V Interface converts industry standard 0-10V control input to operate SDN RS485 motors. This product is “plug and play” operating up to 20 shades a group without having to program the interface.


Easy Integration

  • Compatible with most control systems using 0-10V analog outputs such as lighting, HVAC and security systems.
  • Converts analog inputs to SDN network output to control Somfy digital motors.
  • Compatible with all AC line-voltage or DC low-voltage RS485 motors.

Simple Connectivity

  • Connect common 0-10V control analog input to operate an SDN network.
  • Uses plug and play connectors for power, control input and data output.
  • Powered using included plug-in power supply.


  • Creates SDN networks using input from control systems 0-10V output.
  • Ability to include up to 4000 ft. of cumulative SDN bus wiring.
  • Interface could be connected up to 100 ft. away from the control system output port.


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