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Elite Pro Shading Systems™ is a proud partner of Lutron®

Most buildings today are over-lit, lights are on at full intensity even though there is ample daylight in the space, wasting energy and reducing productivity. Couple Lutron’s shading systems with sustainable fabrics for a complete energy-saving story while earning points toward LEED.

When selecting a Lutron shading system, you have the choice of technology, control, and fabric. Automatically set lights and shades to adjust throughout the day based on daylight available or provide employees with individual control so their needs can be met. With endless resources and information to share, we look forward to assisting on your next Lutron project.

Lutron Shading Features:

  • Smooth, quiet, precise, low-voltage drive technology.
  • Lutron Intelligent Hem Bar Alignment™.
  • Flexible and customizable shade hardware.
  • A wide range of fabric options to ensure design intent is met, daylighting performance is optimized, and aesthetics are enhanced.
  • Hyperion™ solar adaptive shading — an automated shading system that adjusts shades throughout the day based on the position of the sun.
  • A fully integrated, total light management solution from a single manufacturer.
  • Catering to all major building sectors, such as Office, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, and Residential.

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