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Elite Pro Shading Systems™ is the proud Canadian partner of Somfy® Systems.

Somfy® provides an optimal solution for your motorized window covering needs using dynamic solar shading controls.

Combining weather sensors, timers, central and individual control units, Somfy® Systems encourages natural lighting and helps you save on artificial lighting costs. A perfect option for any office space, shades can be controlled to filter out unwanted reflections and glare on monitors and screens, and provide complete darkness when using projectors.

Somfy® Remote Controls

For motorized shade control, our scalable shade automation system from Somfy® Systems, allows the flexibility of controlling individual blinds, a room, entire floors, or entire buildings at the press of a button. Our motors and control systems integrate with lighting and climate control systems or building automation systems for seamless operation.

Desktop Control Interface

Handheld Remote Control

Wall Control

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