///Sonesse 50 Motors

Sonesse 50 Motors

The Sonesse 50 range of motors offers an unmatched combination of quiet operation and powerful lifting capacity. A single Sonesse 50 motor can lift shades exceeding 144″x 144″ and can operate several shades linked together in spans of 30-40ft across. Sonesse 50 motors are available in 120V AC or 24V DC models and with the following communication protocols:

  • RTS  wireless one-way radio communication
  • RS485 wired two-way communication.
  • WT wired one-way communication

Powerful & Quiet
  • Strong torque (4-6 Nm) for medium to large sized shades and uniform smooth operation (under 38dBA) in both directions.
Wide Range of Solutions
  • Applicable for residential or commercial markets and compatible with nearly all Elite Pro hardware systems.
Superior Quality
  • Backed by 5 year warranty.


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