///SDN DecoFlex Keypad

SDN DecoFlex Keypad

The SDN DecoFlex Keypad is an in-wall wired control that operates intelligent RS485 motors on an SDN network. It features 6-8 push-buttons that can be programmed for a variety of functions (eg. 25%, 50% 75% shade positions). This keypad fits with all Decora-style faceplates to blend with existing light switches. Custom engraved buttons are available for a personalized touch in each room.


Programmable Buttons

  • Each button can be programmed programmed to perform a variety of custom functions
  • When programmed in group mode, buttons can trigger a single shade or a whole group of shades to operate in unison.
  • Up, Down, and Stop buttons operate the shades with simple, intuitive control.

BUS Line Communication

  • SDN keypads communicates directly with the range of Somfy intelligent motors over the SDB Bus line using RS485 protocol
  • No need for a centralized controller
  • Works with Dry Contact communication

Easy to Install

  • Easy in-wall installation with template and brackets provided.


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