//Tips for Designing a More Sustainable Office

Tips for Designing a More Sustainable Office

Update Your Lighting and Temperature Control Options

Providing adequate lighting and a comfortable temperature for your employees is essential. However, not choosing eco-friendly temperature and lighting options can further contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. One of the many ways to reduce your energy consumption is by installing commercial blinds and shades. There are window covering fabrics that can reflect the sun’s energy helping to reduce the heat in your office. As well as keeping the office cool, blinds and shades are another option for reducing unwanted glare and keeping the space cooler. 

Rather than relying only on artificial lighting, embrace natural lighting within the workplace. With automated window shades, you can schedule when you want your shades to be open or closed. These shades allow your employees to enjoy and complete their tasks with natural sunlight.      Other eco-friendly solutions for your office to consider include installing programmable thermostats and compact fluorescent bulbs. Like a CFL bulb, which is more energy efficient and long-lasting compared to an incandescent bulb. Many businesses around the world consider environmental sustainability as a top priority. These days, it’s not uncommon to see companies and their employees making conscious efforts to be green inside and outside of the office. Designing a more sustainable office space can be a relatively stress-free and rewarding process, especially with the eco-friendly products that we offer. Read on to learn more about how you can work towards creating a more sustainable environment in your office space.

Choose Eco-Friendly Fixtures and Appliances 

In order to create an eco-friendly workplace, be mindful of the furniture, fixtures and appliances you choose. The type of materials required to produce these items, as well as the electricity usage from appliances, are factors to pay attention to. There are plenty of eco-friendly options when it comes to the fabric of your window blinds and shades. Some environmentally friendly fabric options are made with sustainable polyester yarns or fiberglass materials – at Elite Pro Shading, our eco-friendly fabric options are all PVC-free. Many of these fabrics are Cradle to Cradle Certified™. In order to earn this certification, fabrics must be recyclable once they reach the end of their product lifecycle. Instead of the product heading to the landfill, it’ll either be recycled or upcycled into something new.   

Sustainability is the Wave

By designing a sustainable office, you’re showing your employees and clients that you’re committed to making a difference in the world. Whether it’s a tiny or drastic change, your actions can help reduce negative impacts on our environment. 

Get in touch with us to learn how our commercial window coverings can fit into your eco-friendly office design.

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