//How Window Blinds Can Help With Wellbeing and Healing

How Window Blinds Can Help With Wellbeing and Healing

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Offices have long been increasing their efforts to create healthier environments that promote employee wellbeing. This movement will become more important than ever as offices begin to reopen and employees start to return to their desks. Many offices have already begun incorporating certain upgrades for wellbeing, including wellness spaces or better access to health benefits, but there is another significant factor that offices should keep in mind: window treatments. It may not be immediately obvious, but the right window treatments can go a long way when it comes to maintaining employee wellbeing and healing. This article will take a look at some of the best options out there.

See The Light

Windows blinds and natural light can play a significant role in increasing employee wellbeing.
Sunlight contributes to regulating your body’s circadian rhythm, helping with functions like sleep cycle and overall body temperature. For these reasons, maintaining the right office window treatments are a crucial factor to consider when it comes to wellbeing and healing.

There are also certain types of light that can negatively influence office morale. Artificial fluorescent lighting can make it difficult for the eyes to focus, causing eye strain and even migraine headaches. As such, natural light is a great way to illuminate and warm a room, while uplifting the overall mood. It also promotes healthy vision, particularly when employees are facing screens all day. However, too much natural light can be a negative especially when an office setting can get too hot. This is where commercial motorized window shades can come in handy for controlling both natural light and temperature.

Here are some of the best window treatment options available for keeping up employee wellbeing.

Automated Roller Shades: An affordable solution to manage light in your office and promote employee wellbeing. Mounted on a roller, these shades are easy to adjust and can be incorporated into just about any type of office setting. They are simple to install and are definitely an effective way to regulate your office’s natural light.

Horizontal shades: Cost-effective. Durable. Timeless. Horizontal shades are often made with materials like aluminum, which are easy to clean and less prone to be damaged by sun exposure.

Staying Safe

Given the current times, offices will of course require additional specific measures in order to ensure employee wellbeing. Safety and social distancing will play a much central role in office life.

Thin, clear vinyl dividers between desks and other areas will be a great way to ensure employee wellbeing and safety. Employees should be able to maintain both their productivity and wellbeing, while keeping a safe barrier between them.

Measure meeting spaces, desk areas and other common rooms to determine exactly how employees can safely congregate while maintaining safe social distancing protocols.Again, motorized shades are very useful for helping employees keep up with proper social distancing.

Well On Your Way

There are many ways to encourage a positive, healing environment in your office, particularly in today’s uncertain times. As we’ve seen, window treatments should absolutely not be overlooked as one of the more important factors for employee well being.

Start exploring some great commercial window treatment options for your office space.

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