//How Motorized Blinds and Shades are Powered

How Motorized Blinds and Shades are Powered

Regardless of the business, the installation of commercial motorized blinds or shades can add an element of convenience and safety to any space. They can be controlled at the push of a button and help to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. They can also play a role in reducing a business’s utility costs and ensuring privacy and security when one or both are required. Much like the unexpected benefits associated with them, the ways in which these smart devices are powered are numerous. 

How are motorized blinds powered? 

Battery Powered Blinds

Perhaps the least intrusive in terms of installation, battery powered blinds are able to raise and lower thanks to the battery pack and connected motor. The battery pack gives commercial window coverings a degree of elegance that simply cannot be matched by the other power options. It is not the battery itself that creates a pleasant aesthetic but rather the unassuming placement of the battery, as once it’s installed, the battery pack is virtually invisible. Another great thing about a battery powered option is that they can be installed in just about any location even without an outlet close by. The downside to battery powered blinds is the frequency in which the batteries will need to be replaced. However, there are many battery options, such as lithium and rechargeables, that can reduce the number of times they’ll need to be replaced over the course of the year. 

Hardwired Blinds

Depending on the number of windows that are being outfitted with commercial motorized window shades, you might consider an option that’s a little more convenient than battery powered blinds. Hardwired blinds will never require a battery change and they will save you money in terms of energy cost. It should be noted, however, that blinds or shades with this power option may come with a higher installation fee, as they need to be wired and connected to a centralized control panel or hub. Unless you have experience with installing electrical devices, it’s generally a good idea to enlist the aid of a qualified electrician to get yours set-up and running. Though they may come with a higher installation fee, hardwired blinds also tend to offer a more powerful motor. The more powerful the motor, the heavier the window covering it can accommodate. 

DC Power Adapter

Blinds controlled using a DC power adapter share many of the qualities associated with other hardwired commercial window blinds and shades. The key difference is that they don’t tend to need an electrician to install since no additional wiring is required. Like hardwired blinds, selecting this option means you will never have to change batteries and the DC power adapter will deliver enough power to accommodate heavier window treatments. Using these window coverings may require you to concede some convenience and aesthetic, as these generally need an outlet in close proximity, and it can be difficult to hide the cords. 

Solar Powered Blinds

Solar powered motorized blinds offer a nice compromise of some of the other types of power options discussed so far. Installation of solar powered blinds is relatively simple and won’t require you to run additional wiring through your wall. Instead, an appropriately-sized solar panel is mounted behind the shade and connected to the motor. In most cases, this installation option is equally unobtrusive as a battery powered unit. Since the blinds or shades will be powered using a renewable energy source, solar powered blinds represent a sound financial decision and are on brand with many companies’ eco-friendly initiatives. 

Before going with a solar powered option however, there are a few things that you’ll need to be aware of. The first is that not all windows receive an equal amount of sunlight, so it may not be appropriate to install solar powered blinds or shades universally. They also tend to be most effective when installed in southern or western facing windows, and on windows that aren’t deprived of sunlight by a tree or awning.

Given the variety in which motorized blinds and shades come in, you’re sure to find the right treatment for your business. Consider the windows you have and your layout to help you choose the right style and power option for your space. 


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