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Commercial Window Treatments Bring Warmth to Hotel and Restaurant Spaces

It’s no secret that hospitality businesses live and die based on their decor as much as they do by the actual services they offer. Unfortunate as it might sound, many fine establishments that provide exquisite service fold before their time simply because they failed to pay adequate attention to the aesthetic details necessary to take the customer experience to the next level.

While there are many ways in which to add finishing touches to a space, none help to tie everything together better than the right commercial window treatments. This article aims to provide owners of hospitality businesses some insight into how these often overlooked accoutrements can help create the perfect ambiance in their finely appointed spaces. 

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What Are Commercial Window Treatments?

In many respects, commercial window treatments share many of the same qualities of window treatments found in many homes. Having said that, there are ways in which they differ. The first, for lack of a better term, is their grandeur. Many commercial applications require large, customized window coverings to accommodate unique window shapes and sizes. They must also be able to perform well under different lighting conditions (which may require a balance between a modest opacity and complete blackout). In many cases, commercial window treatments tend to be motorized, allowing them to be raised/lowered automatically or at the push of a button to maintain the ambiance of a room without impeding the enjoyment of the space by the patrons. 

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What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Treatments?

There are a number of benefits to investing in the right commercial window treatments for your business, some of which are outlined below. 

  • First impressions are everything. Window treatments that are mismatched with the rest of the room’s decor can alter your customer’s perception of your establishment long before you’ve had a chance to make a first impression. Treatments that lack sophistication or cohesiveness could be a red flag to your customers that your business is just getting off the ground, or doesn’t have the resources to invest in the final touches. Remember that your decor and the services you provide should compliment each other in a way so that the only image in your customer’s minds when they think of your brand is quality.
  • Maintaining a consistent level of comfort for everyone. You might not think it, but the way in which your window treatments provide comfort (or don’t) can impact your business in many ways. This can range from making computer monitors difficult to see to overly warm rooms, to unimpeded rays of the sun striking employees and guests in the face making interactions uncomfortable and unnecessarily brief. 
  • Save money on heating and cooling costs. Having the ability to allow or limit the amount of direct sunlight to enter a given space at a given time can greatly impact the heating and cooling costs of your establishment. Timers and sensors that can be activated remotely makes these types of adjustments easy to administer even on a large scale. Best of all, this can be done subtlety without your guests being any the wiser. Certain fabrics can also limit the UV damage sustained by furniture and flooring, meaning these will need to be replaced less frequently than if they were exposed to unimpeded sunlight for hours on end. 
  • Improve privacy and security for your guests. For guests that value discretion and privacy, window coverings that dissuade the curiosity of prying eyes will certainly be seen as valued added. 

Commercial Window Applications Are Designed For…

Custom commercial window treatments can be tailored to just about any application in any industry including: 

  • Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Offices/Clinics
  • Retail Spaces
  • Hotels/Restaurants/Spas
  • Education Institutions 

Though this article is aimed primarily at enumerating the benefits of employing the right set of commercial window coverings in a hospitality space, many of the benefits described above hold true for just about any business, from delivering a positive first impression to maintaining a consistent level of comfort, to reducing overhead costs. 

Hospitality and Hotel Spaces

So you might be wondering at this point, exactly what types of window coverings would work best for your business? The truth is, it really comes down to the features that you believe will be most appreciated by your specific target demographic. Having said that, there are certain types of window treatments that tend to play well in the hospitality industry. 

  • Shades that promote privacy and room darkening qualities are favorable in the hospitality industry. Since some patrons may find that they need to sleep during the day, solutions that provide the option to significantly reduce light impedance are recommended.
  • In spaces that are used by many different patrons in a short amount of time like spas, clinics, healthcare offices, etc. the inclusion of window coverings that are made using antimicrobial materials can help to prevent the spread of different illnesses.  
  • In spaces that are sought out for enjoyment by customers like restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc. it’s important to select a window treatment that can filter light without cutting off the customer’s connection to the outdoors. This means finding a material that promotes comfort without completely impeding the view of the business’s surroundings, particularly if these surroundings play a key role in your business’ marketing. 

When it comes right down to it, the various window coverings that you select for your hospitality business can play just as big of a role as anything else in respect to providing a unique and positive customer experience. Whether your hospitality business is just getting off the ground or has been around for years, there’s always an opportunity to improve that which you provide to your customers — reach out to one of the experts at Elite Pro today to find out which commercial window coverings are right for your business. 

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