//Sun & Heat Reducing Window Treatment for Summer

Sun & Heat Reducing Window Treatment for Summer

In work environments, it’s crucial to design a comfortable space for everyone that is conducive to productivity and employee wellbeing. This includes having the right commercial window coverings.

The right window treatments enable you to control the amount and intensity of natural light entering the office, which is especially important during summer. After all, the last thing employees want is to be trapped in a muggy and stuffy office on a hot summer day.

Here are some of the benefits to office window treatments during the summer, along with some of the best commercial shading solutions to consider.


Window shades regulate the room’s temperature

During the summer, the sun can quickly heat the office and make it feel like a sauna. This can also make you more dependent on air conditioning, which isn’t always a more comfortable or cost-effective solution. However, it is possible to create a more temperate work environment with the right window shades.

Window shades made with solar shading fabric reflect the sun’s energy. This helps regulate a room’s temperature significantly. The yarns within these window shades reduce heat and glare from the sun. By absorbing and reflecting some of the sun’s energy, solar window shades can make a workplace feel more cool and comfortable.

In addition to blocking heat, solar window shades also protect your interior from harmful UV rays, which can permanently discolour and fade wood flooring and furniture. An office that has damaged furniture can give an unprofessional impression, so it’s important to keep furniture and fixtures in top condition.


The right window treatments reduce energy costs & carbon footprint

Since window shades can help beat the heat, they’re a great option for companies interested in reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Energy costs can be a hefty expense for a company, which is especially problematic for smaller businesses.

Energy-efficient appliances and furnishings for the office can help lower your monthly energy bill. While the upfront investments may seem steep, consider it as an investment as your energy bills will be reduced in the long run. Compared to a non-energy efficient appliance, an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance will use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy each year. 

Window shades give you the ability to control light, which is an important factor to consider for commercial window treatments. Window coverings, such as roller shades or cellular shades, enable you to control the amount of natural light coming into the office. This can make you less dependent on artificial lighting, and help you save on your energy bills in the long term.


Top commercial shading solutions

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing commercial shading options – aesthetics, functionality and light control are typically top priorities. These are some of the shading needs and options that are most often seen in workplaces:


  • Light control blinds

The glare from the sun can bounce off of computer screens, which makes reading and working next to impossible. Horizontal slat blinds are a great option to control light when needed. These blinds can be made from different materials such as wood, aluminum or PVC.

  • Energy efficiency blinds

These blinds are top choices for businesses, because they help save on long-term energy costs. Blinds and shades made of solar shading fabric are the best options for companies looking to reduce their energy costs. A good option for large windows is vertical blinds made with fabric or vinyl. Vertical blinds block and reflect sunlight, which can help you lower your energy bills.

  • Blinds to keep heat out

While offices with plenty of windows and light are aesthetically pleasing, they can heat up fast in the summer. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, an overly heated workplace can cause employees to feel fatigued and irritable, and make concentrating a struggle. With that in consideration, blinds that ward off heat are an office necessity. When highly reflective blinds are closed completely, they can reduce heat by about 45 percent.

Keeping your employees happy and productive involves creating a work environment that meets their physical and mental needs. Window treatments play a big role in keeping the workplace comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the seasons.

There are plenty of commercial shading options to choose from that can help you do just that. Start exploring your options for commercial window treatments, and contact us with your questions.

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