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///ProSilver™ Xtreme

ProSilver™ Xtreme


Openness | 2%  4%

Fabric with a silver lining – world’s most efficient solar shading fabric.


ProSilver™ Xtreme is engineered to reflect an astounding 82% of the sun’s energy, the most of any solar shading fabric. The results are simple; reduced energy costs for building owners and more comfortable work spaces for occupants.


A micro-thin layer of aluminum is bonded to the fabric and seals the yarns, allowing a controlled amount of sunlight to pass through the openings in the weave and not through the yarns themselves. This feature substantially reduces unwanted glare.


The patented aluminum bonding process preserves the natural texture of the fabric and keeps the weave open, enabling unobstructed views outside when the shades are lowered.


The fabric appears off-white when viewed from the exterior of a building. This 2-tone feature gives designers the freedom to choose any colour for interior spaces, while maintaining a neutral and consistent exterior aesthetic.


ProSilver™ Xtreme – Spec Sheet PDF 


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